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One Small Step Productions has extensive experience working on projects with both small and large budgets without compromising quality. Our partnerships help to launch concepts into full features ready to be viewed by your target audience.

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From the studio to your custom projects that put your business ahead of the pack, we cater to pre and post production services for your next campaign or video shoot.

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Jimmy LAX

Jimmy Lax is a artist from Boston with a passion for Hip Hop. His Inspirations include artists like Eminem and Jay-Z, for their lyrical ability, clear message and word play. These particular attributes helped Jimmy Lax to forge his own unforgettable style. His EP titled "Clear Vision" was released in 2018 and was well received by fans. 2020 will also prove to be a big year for Jimmy Lax with releases such as "Stuck", "Complete" and "Honda Accord" making waves. See Jimmy Lax on all streaming platforms and IG @laxington_


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